Friday, December 14, 2007


After a fantastic night’s rest, we ferried off to Devonport this morning. It’s just a 10-minute ride and light years away from the bustling environs of Auckland. For our Bay Area friends, it’s a lot like Sausalito – charming shops, lovely coastal homes, great people watching and (much to our surprise) a quaint little Kiwi Irish pub that turned out to be a great spot for a Friday lunch featuring fish and chips and some mighty tasty pints. Another plus for Devonport is its panoramic views of Auckland.

Back in the city, we discovered that lingering jet lag and a pint or two at lunch can have you yackin' like a Kiwi....and, it makes a late afternoon nap a must have!

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Dana said...

Ahh . . . a fresh pint of Boddingtons with a perfectly creamy head . . . one of my favortie beers! Good-A mate!