Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home Before We Left

December 12th is the day we never had. And, January 2 is the day that lasts - seemingly - forever.

It's a bit after 1PM PT and we're home at last. Of course, the first time we experienced January 2, 2008 at 1 PM we were hopping in a car heading for the Sydney Airport. We traveled 7,000 miles or so in those "few minutes".

Yep. That whole International Date Line thing is pretty trippy. And, we're glad to be home.

If you're thinking about traveling to New Zealand and/or Australia, we say "Do it!"
As you plan your trip, if you'd like more info about any of the things we did (or didn't do) while we were there, just ask. We'll be happy to share.

Anyway, it was really great to go and even more great to be home...with 10 more hours to rest, relax and unpack in our first-ever 48 hour day.

Thanks for following along with our adventures. There may be another travel blog in our future. P is cooking up plans for a trip to the Grand an RV. So, who knows?

Stay tuned!

So Long, Sydney!

It's the sign of a good vacation when you're ready to go on the day it's time to go. And, that's exactly where we are. It's our last day in beautiful Sydney. And, if you don't count travel time, our last day of vacation. And, we're ready to go.

It's been a great trip*. The asterisk, of course, is for the pain and discomfort of a pinched nerve in the neck. Other than that, it's been perfect!

While you all are enjoying New Year's Day bowl games, we'll be boarding the big flying kangaroo heading for home. Of course, we'll be back in time to watch the only bowl game that has any real meaning.

Safe travels to all and us.

Home soon!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Turns out the first couple of minutes of 2008 were too much to upload to Blogger. But, with the help of You Tube we've got it. Hope you like it.


Happy New Year!

Wow! That was lots of fun.

Everything was perfect: The cruise, the company, the weather and - of course - the fantastic fireworks.

We have video and tried in vain to upload to Blogger last night. Will try again later. Meanwhile, Happy New Year!