Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Chance Meeting

We spent our Saturday on foot, as we've done most days here in Sydney. (And some of the time we were carrying our coffee in a paper cup, making it easy for others to play "Spot the American".) With ipods in tow, we learned more about Circular Quay and explored a very historic part of town known simply as The Rocks.

We took a break from our tour to enjoy a cool lemonade on a shady sidewalk, or footpath as they're known here, and do a little people-watching. In the middle of a sip, M looked up and saw our colleague H and her husband walking down the quaint little street. We gave them a yell and laughed at the coincidence of running into each other some 7,000 miles away from home. We all knew we'd be in Sydney at the same time, but couldn't imagine such a chance meeting in a city of 4 million people. We made plans for dinner later, which took us back to The Rocks to a place called Rockpool. We enjoyed fresh fish, fine wine, great conversation and fantastic service. It was a delightful evening. We shared travel stories and lamented a bit that while they're just starting their trip through Australia and New Zealand, ours in nearly nearing its end. We wished each other a Happy New Year and Happy Travels.

The world does indeed feel small when you can travel thousands of miles, visit two countries and run into a couple of couples from home.

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