Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Global Gossip

Queenstown is lovely. No doubt about it.

Internet access, however, is spotty.

Greetings from a clever little space called "Global Gossip", where you can log into one of 30 or so computers and connect with the world for cents a minute. It's the last of a rather frustrating number of attempts for us to log on the last few days. It's nice to be back.

No bridge jumps...yet. But, we've hiked hills and cruised waterways and seen lots and lots of sheep. (Pictures to come when we're back on the laptop.)

We hooked up with our colleagues and Bay Area friends T&P twice. The first occasion was quite by happy coincidence. They've been traveling the South Island for a few weeks and are here in Queenstown. We planned to have dinner Sunday night. But, on Saturday night we were enjoying dinner by the water. Over P's shoulder, M saw T, and thought "That looks a lot like T." Then, someone who looked a lot like the other P emerged. There they were, T&P, having a farewell dinner with their travel group...sitting just two tables away. Such a small world!

We did get together for dinner on Sunday. We shared tales of our travel adventures, talked a bit of business and made tentative plans for a bungy jump today.

More later.

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