Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Pronounced "Oakland"

We're here!

It's almost 3PM Thursday, although our bodies think it's sometime (who knows what time) on Wednesday. While you all are enjoying your Wednesday evening, Dec. 12th is a day we skipped right on by. And, now suddenly it's Thursday. That whole International Date Line thing is very strange.

14 or so hours in the air came and went without incident. (Thank you, Qantas!) M slept and P didn't. So, we're quite the jet lagged couple this day. Breakfast was served on the plane at 4AM (Who cares how jet lagged you are, who eats at 4AM?) and we were on the ground shortly after 6AM. After an early check-in we hit the streets, and quickly discovered as long as we were walking we were fine. So, we walked and walked and walked all over Auckland. (That's right, as our driver told us this morning, it is pronounced "oak-land".) We picked up a few geocaches along the way, which brought us to some interesting little spots in the city. (Turns out geocaching is great cure for jet lag!)

Besides being very walkable, Auckland is a lovely harbor city. It reminds us a bit of San Francisco...only warmer and more humid. It's nice.

And, it's mid-afternoon. We've had our nap, and we're feeling human again. Time for more exploring!


Vanessa said...
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P & M said...


Glad to hear you're keeping busy and hope all is well there!

M cannot stop talking about bungee jumping but I've been preoccupied trying to figure out how to order coffee--not sure about the difference between a "flat white" and a "short black".


Cindy said...

Okay, so I enjoyed reading your post today but what's this about bungee jumping? Is that your way of celebrating your birthdays???? Ahem....

Dana said...

P & M fly 14 hours in a plane, probably near 25 hours of travel time door to door and lose a day along the way AND one of the first things they do upon arrival is grab a cache! PRICELESS! I love this blog, this is one of those nerdy things that I would do, but my wife would say "get off the PC" LOL. You now have a captive audiance and with the US writers stike still going on you could get more viewers than Grey's Anatomy!

I look forward to more pics and updates.



P & M said...

We'll see about the bungee jumping!

We picked up a couple more caches today. Great fun! Glad you like the blog. We'll do our best to keep it in competition with Grey's! (And, thanks for the help with kiwi coffee lingo...we think we figured it out. P likes long black and M likes flat white. And...Starbucks here also serves "filtered coffee", which we all know as regular.)