Thursday, December 20, 2007

Making Friends Along the Way

We've journeyed across the South Island and have made our way to Christchurch. It's a lovely little town that reminds many of England. We've never been to the UK, but this place reminds us very much of the England we imagine. It's all very British, and lovely.

We have pics to share of Queenstown and our trip cross country. We're back on the laptop, but have yet to connect the camera. So, those will come.

Beyond the beautiful sights we've seen, the most notable news of the last couple of days has been the people we've met along the way. On our bus ride yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting a lovely couple from Sweden. We chatted away all day...swapping travel stories and comparing notes on life in a small village in Sweden and life in a major city in California...and comparing it all to New Zealand. By the end of the day, we exchanged contact info and promised visits to each other. We look forward to welcoming them to the Bay Area one day, and visiting them in Sweden another.

Our tour stopped for lunch at Mt. Cook National Park. At our table for 5, we were joined by our new Swedish friends and a lovely young woman from Brazil. She was daytripping from Queenstown on her way from a year studying in Australia to be home for Christmas in her home near Sao Paulo...and then to start her senior year in high school. She was delightful. We so enjoyed her tales of the Sunshine Coast, which she already misses. Oh, to be so brave to travel the world alone at 17.

Our newest acquaintances were met over breakfast at our Queenstown B&B. This couple is visiting from Boulder. They're nearing the end of their trip and were heading out to Christchurch a day ahead of us. Over breakfast we learned that we were staying at the same hotel in Christchurch. We joked that we'd look for each other, all imagining that we were staying in a vast hotel in a large city. As it turns out, Christchurch and our hotel are small and quaint. When we headed out for dinner last night, we opened our door and saw this same couple coming out of their room across the hall. We ventured out into this surprising little town together and landed at a fun little spot where we got to know each other over dinner. Like us, they are here to celebrate a 50th birthday. So, we made last night a bit of a birthday party.

Cheers to 50 and new friends in New Zealand!


Dana said...

Great to read more about your recent adventures . . . I assume jumping off bridges was not on the agenda in Queenstown? As you know and are finding out, one of the best parts of traveling is meeting people from all walks of fun!

Today we thought of you as we enjoyed a bottle of white wine from NZ (Cloudy Bay) at the Palace was a real treat!

I look forward to more updates and some pics! I hope you're also enjoying the holiday spirit!

Anonymous said...

glad you are making international friends!! Love those swedes- va sa do?