Thursday, December 27, 2007

Greetings from Sydney!

Happy Day After Boxing Day from Sydney.

We've left the muggy tropical paradise of Palm Cove and headed south to very pleasant Sydney yesterday. We landed just in time to see the sailing ships of the annual Boxing Day Sydney to Hobart race sailing off the Eastern shores of New South Wales as we approached the Sydney airport. It was quite a sight! (We've yet to figure out Boxing Day exactly. For now, we know it means a day off for most, shopping for many and watching sailing and/or cricket for all.)

Sydney Harbor is absolutely magnificent. And, as much as we adore our beloved San Francisco Bay, we have to, Sydney has the homeland beat. It's drop dead gorgeous. The Sydney Opera House, we learned, can take your breath away. It's stunning. It's really something to see it in person.

There in the background you'll see the Sydney Harbor Bridge. And, if you click on the picture above, you'll see a circle around a group of something that looks like ants.

See it? Well, those aren't ants. Actually, they are climbers who have paid a pretty penny to don a special suit and climbing gear for the privilege of climbing half the span to the summit and returning in one piece. This morning, we joined our own group of ants and made the climb. It was great fun. The views from the top (and along the way) were amazing. On the half of the bridge we did not climb, pyrotechnicians were loading fireworks. (We can't wait!)

After a post-climb lunch near the Opera House, we strolled through the Sydney Botanical Gardens, where beauty resides around every corner. We plugged in our ipods and were guided by a tour we downloaded from (Tourcaster gets a big thumbs up from us. Check it out before you head off to your next travel destination.)

We do feel a bit like we've landed in the "Mecca" of New Year's Eve. The entire city is gearing up for it. The Sydney Morning Herald published a guide to the special day this morning. The local news interviewed the fireworks stagers tonight. They've announced big plans that this year's display promises to be the best yet.

Along with the rest of the city, these two little tourists are getting very excited.


Anonymous said...
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Michael Miller said...


OK, Kathryn and I are officially jealous! I love your posts and it appears as if y'all are having the time of your life (In Aji speak, "I assess you are taking care of your PDHC's based on my interpretation of observation and noticing of the co-ontogenic structural coupling brought forth in your narratives.") OK, that sounds BORING, so I will not use that speak. I am hap-hap-happy for you both. Here in Denver, we are experiencing a blizzard and we should have 1-2 feet of snow when it finishes tonight. Do you feel even a LITTLE sad for us? Good, then my work here is done.

Have fun!

Mike and Kathryn

P&M said...

Nancy - The Reef is just 14 or so hours away! You'd love it. And, Happy New Year to you. (Much more to come on this space)

Mike and Kathryn - Our PDHCs are just fine, thank you. You two are going to LOVE Australia. It's down here waiting for you. And, with a forecast of sun and 27 degrees (that's Celsius) there's absolutely no snow! (And, sure...we'll feel a little sad for you if you want us to.)


John B. said...

So you did the bridge climb! I've been debating about whether I want to do that as I am somewhat timid of high places. I'm sure the views are spectacular though!

I'm sure we will get a glimpse of the fireworks from Sydney harbour on TV, but what a show you will get!

Cheers & Happy New Year!