Friday, December 21, 2007

A Few Pics

The sun has come out in Christchurch! That's been a fairly rare commodity here in the South Island. (See above.) But, today looks terrific. Before we head out for a Friday of sunny sightseeing, a quick update.

You may have heard there was a big earthquake in New Zealand last night. 6.8 on the East Coast of the North Island. Far, far away from us. We didn't feel a thing. There are reports of extensive damage up north, though.
We finally downloaded the camera. Here are a few pics:

We spent a day on Doubtful Sound. Even in the clouds and rain it was amazing.

At Doubtful, we saw almost as many waterfalls as we've seen sheep in the South Island. Here's one of them.

Our last day in Queenstown was stunning. So, we took the gondola to the top of Bob's Peak to enjoy the view...and make a big decision...

Either way would surely be exhilarating.
Which path did we choose?
Wanna guess?

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Cindy said...

Did you? You didn't? My hands sweat at the thought of you bungee jumping...Let us know~tally-ho!
~rick and cindy